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Royal Family LIVE: 'All about her' Meghan pulls rug from under Firm with 'favourite topic'

The Duchess of Sussex surprised listeners with the release of her highly-anticipated “Archetypes” podcast on Tuesday. The first episode features close friend Serena Williams but the Duchess of Sussex has been accused of making the podcast “all about Meghan”. Spectator columnist ‘Steerpike’ said listeners may be “disappointed” as Serena “barely gets a word in edgeway” in the debut episode.

Former aide to Margaret Thatcher, Nile Gardiner echoed the comments saying Meghan is running a “shameless and ruthless campaign to undermine the Royal Family”.

He added: “Meghan Markle, taking a rare break from attacking the Royal Family and trying to destroy the British Monarchy, focusing instead on her favourite subject, herself.”

But others have praised the Duchess, Twitter user @tudorchick1501 said: “I’ve got a LOT going on right now, but I want to take a minute and congratulate Meghan Markle for consistently showing up for herself and other women.

“Meg, I’m so proud of you, and I’m so grateful that despite everything, you continue to share your light with the world.”

User @ayeshaghazi_ added: “I admire Meghan Markle so much and I don’t say this lightly. She is an incredible and incredibly brave and incredibly intelligent woman. I’m so excited for this podcast.”




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