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Royal Family LIVE: 'Not set Hollywood on fire' Meghan and Harry savaged over Netflix deal

Since stepping away from the Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed a number of lucrative contracts with streaming giants Netflix and Spotify. Their Netflix deal was announced in September of 2020, however royal expert Daniela Elser, writing in the New Zealand Herald claims that “more than 14 months” on, the couple have yet to deliver content.

She wrote: “More than 14 months ago, in September 2020, when their money-making marriage with the streaming was first revealed, they loftily promised they would be making ‘content that informs but also gives hope’. Goodo then, but where is it?”

For their partnership with Netflix, Harry and Meghan have announced two projects, Pearl, a children’s animation, and a documentary about the Invictus Games, the charity sporting event for veterans previously founded by Harry.

However, Ms Elser claims that while the content could be “touching and powerful”, it might not make an impact with audiences.

She wrote: “These might both prove to be touching and powerful shows but on paper they don’t exactly sound like they will be setting viewers or Hollywood on fire.”

She does point out, however, that the delay could be because high-quality TV and documentaries can be time-consuming to create, and it’s a situation made that much more difficult by the pandemic.

Representatives for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been contacted for comment.




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