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Royal Family must work to preserve ‘magic of monarchy’ after roaring success of Jubilee

According to a royal commentator, it was a welcome change but she said it could present some problems down the track. The event celebrating the Queen’s 70-year reign showcased a different side of the monarchy and gave us a glimpse into the Windsors as a family — especially the candid antics of the children in the royal box.

Ms Katie Nicholl, who contributed to the official Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Album said: “The Queen knows if you let too much daylight in on the magic of the monarchy, then you lose some of the mystique and the mystique is absolutely crucial to the formula of success.

“So, I think that’s a challenge for the next generation – just how much to give the public and how much to keep back.”

The author said while we’ve been given an increasing glimpse into royal lives over the COVID-19 lockdowns (when video calls reigned supreme), we may soon see a reversion of that trend.

She further told 9Honey: “I think the pandemic has contributed to us seeing more of the royals in a relatable scenario, whether that’s in their drawing rooms or their libraries or outside on their doorstep clapping for the NHS, that sort of felt like so much of it.

“And I think we are seeing more of that but it does have to be a balanced act.”

After nine months of working on the commemorative album, which is a celebration of Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne, Ms Nicholl says the actual Jubilee weekend provided some surreal moments and one particularly moving one for her personally.

She recalled: “The thing that really struck me was to be on The Mall with that many people you know, being together again after two very difficult years.
“That was a very, very, very poignant and very moving moment.”

However, Nicholl tells 9Honey, the pinnacle of the historic celebrations firmly belongs to the Queen and her second balcony appearance after the pageant.

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