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Royal Family news: Green juice to Earl Grey – Drinks royals swear by and what they mean

Kate Middleton

Reports have indicated Kate purchased a decaf latte from a well-known coffee retailer in the past.

Darren said: “The concept of decaf indicates that a person is very controlled and self-aware, since drinking too much coffee can be an issue.

“Though, by ordering a decaf, this largely alleviates the effects of caffeine, while still getting a similar taste.

“People that choose specific coffee orders with subtle tweaks as an option are also quite methodical, they like precision and they know what they want. This could be a nod to Kate’s assertiveness and growth as a senior member of the Royal Family.

“The downside of latte drinkers is that their order is considered fairly bland. Little permutations and a generally basic starter pack drink for coffee lovers.

“This may suggest Kate isn’t the most adventurous, however, for someone with a very busy schedule full of daily routines these simple, easy to drink choices are perfect for a working mum.”



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