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'Royal Family to be Magnificent 7 after turbulent years and Megxit', SAYS RICHARD PALMER

Palace officials sometimes compare the monarchy to the design of a Marmite jar. You think it looks the same but it has changed numerous times down the years. After a couple of turbulent years, it looks as if King Charles III is trying to pull off the same trick as his parents did, modernising the monarchy through almost imperceptible change.

It makes sense for an institution that lists giving a sense of stability and continuity as part of its mission statement.

The new King has certainly brought a more informal style to the monarchy during a whirlwind first 45 days on the throne but he shows little sign of wanting more radical change.

His accession proved far smoother than many had predicted and polls suggest the British public have warmed to him and Queen Consort Camilla at a time when political and economic instability is causing concern to millions.

Down the years there has been much talk of the King, then Prince of Wales, wanting a slimmed-down monarchy.

But after the loss of the Queen, Prince Philip, Harry, Meghan and Andrew, the number of royals who undertake taxpayer-funded duties to support the monarch is already down by five.

The current total of 11 working royals is more than in any other European country.

Most European monarchies make do with three, four or five working royals effectively after slimming down in the past few years.

The UK has a bigger population than any of the other monarchies, so the argument runs it needs more working royals to support the country.

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But we should expect to see the number reduce further before Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are ready to play their part.

It is likely that the late Queen’s cousins, all in their late seventies and eighties, will continue to reduce the number of engagements they undertake, leaving the Magnificent Seven of the King, Queen Consort Camilla, William, Kate, Anne, Edward, and Sophie as the core.

But Palace officials see little sign of them radically increasing the number of official engagements they attend each year.

So it is likely that the way the Royal Family operates, especially with charities, will have to change



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