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Royal Navy warship loaded with attack choppers spotted cruising off North Wales coast

The RFA Argus auxiliary vessel was seen in waters of the coast of Gwynedd to the south of Criccieth. According to the Royal Navy website, the RFA Argus is a “Primary Casualty Receiving Ship of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.”

It has a 100-bed medical complex onboard and acts as a floating medical facility during times of crisis or war.

The huge ship, laden with helicopters weighs in at a whopping 28,81 tonnes, is 175 meters long, and can exceed a speed of 18 knots.

According to reports, the mighty ship is led by Captain Kevin Rimell.

The tracking website Marinetraffic.com has the ship heading to an unknown destination after leaving the port of Plymouth in Devon.

There are no details currently on why it is in the area.

But it was a topic of conversation on the Criccieth Life Facebook page this morning, where photos of it off the coast appeared.

It was last in the news in December 2020 when it returned to the UK after helping stop more than £400m of drugs reaching Britain’s streets on operations in the Caribbean.

According to a Navy press release at the time: “The support ship departed eight months ago to support the region’s British Overseas Territories during hurricane season and the Covid-19 pandemic, but also to carry out counter-narcotics operations.

SAS officer Roger Woodiwiss, 1929-2022 – Obituary

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, tension has been felt across Europe as the fallout of the war continues.

Huge training exercises in the Arctic by NATO forces saw multiple UK military assets join the programme.

Royal Marines, the Royal Navy and other military units joined over 28,000 troops in the region in a regular training exercise known as Operation Cold Response.

The mission saw united practising drills in the icy waters of the Arctic.

Royal Navy assets are also heavily present in the Mediterranean as the tension between Russia and NATO allies mounts over the war in Ukraine.

Should the Royal Navy step up operations to support Ukraine? Let us know your thoughts by CLICKING HERE and joining the debate in our comments section below – Every Voice Matters!

As part of UK efforts to support NATO allies in the region, Operation Cougar is in place in the area.

According to the Royal Navy website, Cougar 15 is “an annual deployment designed to deliver exceptional maritime security through partnership and resource sharing.”

It said: “The deployment comprises a series of demanding exercises designed to ensure that NATO allies are ready to deal with any emerging crisis, from any direction, and that they are able to work effectively with partners in tackling any crisis.

“The exercises will reach a climax with Trident Juncture.”

Additional reporting by Steve Bagnell



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