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Russian tactical blunder: Moment Putin's attack convoy blown to pieces – VIDEO

The Russian military has restarted its advancement on Kyiv after suffering breakdowns and attacks causing a large armoured column to slow down. Regions surrounding Kyiv are now seeing strong Russian aggression as Western intelligence suggests a change in “tactics” to combat the lull in their attack. However, a video shared on Twitter shows what appears to be a Russian column under heavy fire from Ukrainian defences showing how the Russian forces continue to be strongly resisted.

The footage, shared by the Ukrainian Government Twitter account, showed a group of armoured vehicles being fired upon.

The Russian forces were also engulfed in black and white smoke as they took incoming fire from a determined defender.

The footage is believed to be from the Bovary area, northeast of Kyiv.

It is believed Russian forces are attempting to encircle Ukraine and lay siege to it to force the Ukrainians to bow to their demands.

Russian tanks have already begun to move on to Kyiv after suffering several days of logistical failures and staunch defences.

Vadym Denysenko, adviser to Ukraine’s interior ministry, said Russian troops had attacked the western city of Irpin but Ukrainian forces were now mounting a counter-attack.

He said: “The night was quite difficult, but in general we can say that the Ukrainian army counterattacked near Kyiv. There is no further detailed information yet.”

An update from the MoD said: “The large Russian column northwest of Kyiv has made little progress in over a week and is suffering continued losses at the hands of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced the UK would be increasing its humanitarian aid to Ukraine and would be considering sending additional anti-air missiles to the region.

However, the British MoD added in its update: “There has been a notable decrease in overall Russian air activity over Ukraine in recent days, likely due to the unexpected effectiveness and endurance of Ukrainian Air Defence forces.

“Russia has deployed conscript troops to Ukraine despite previous public assurances from President Putin not to do so.

“As casualties mount, President Putin will be forced to draw from across the Russian Armed Forces and other sources to replace his losses.”

Military tacticians believe Russia is attempting to take the southern city of Mauripol to form a large land bridge with the remaining Russian forces in the east.

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Mauripol has been rocked by heavy shelling and missile attacks which saw a maternity hospital hit by an airstrike.

Three people. including a child, were killed in the strike, Ukrainian officials say.

The Kremlin has also been forced to apologise after it found conscripts had been used in Ukraine despite stating the contrary.

Putin had assured Russians that only professional soldiers were taking part in the Ukraine “special operation” and said no conscripts were being forced to fight there.

According to Reuters, Putin said: “I understand how you’re worrying for your beloved ones … I emphasise that conscript soldiers are not participating in hostilities and will not participate in them.

“And there will be no additional call-up of reservists.”

However, on Wednesday, Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman of the Russian defence ministry, admitted that conscripts were present in the country.

He said: “Unfortunately, we have uncovered several instances of the presence of conscripts in the Russian units taking part in the special military operation in Ukraine.

“Almost all of those servicemen have been taken back to Russia.

“At the same time, a sabotage group of the national battalion attacked one of the units performing logistical support.

“A number of servicemen, including conscripts, were captured.”



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