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Russian troops 'running in all direction' as Putin LOSES control – Zelensky hits bullseye

A Stratcom source told Lithuanian outlet Delfi that following the most recent attack, Russian soldiers stationed in the area were “running in different directions and hastily transporting both stolen and brought items”.

Laying bare the desperation of the ground troops, they added: “Local residents report that some of the panicked orcas are disguising themselves as civilians and climbing into vehicles that have been taken from civilians, carrying large bags.”

As the invasion of Ukraine becomes a war of attrition, the defending armed forces have touted the Western high-precision weaponry it is being supplied as vital to such counter-attacks.

It comes at a time when Putin is facing fresh condemnation for the indiscriminate targeting of civilian buildings, including a block of flats in Vinnytsia, which left 23 dead including three children.



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