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Ryanair flight to Alicante declares emergency after take-off

The plane left Glasgow Airport at 8.47pm last night for the Costa Blanca but a passenger became ill on board around 30 minutes into journey. The decision was then made to divert to Manchester, where the passenger left the plane and received treatment.

The rest of the passengers eventually arrived in Alicante later that night, reports Glasgow Live.

A Ryanair spokeswoman said: “This flight from Glasgow to Alicante (03 Apr) diverted to Manchester Airport after a passenger became ill on board.

“The crew called ahead to request medical assistance on arrival, the aircraft landed normally, the customer disembarked and was met by medics.

“The flight safely continued to Alicante shortly after and Ryanair apologises to all customers for this short delay.”

Flightradar24 shows the plane turning round in the Shropshire area of England before heading north to Manchester Airport.

It comes days after a Ryanair flight from Dublin to Edinburgh was forced to divert to Glasgow Airport due to poor visibility caused by adverse weather conditions in the Scottish capital.

Ryanair hubs and focus cities, including Manchester and Birmingham Airport, have experienced huge delays, largely in security, recently as travel restrictions ease.

The industry has not been able to rehire enough staff as it recovers from a mass contraction during the Covid pandemic.

Martin Chalk, general secretary of Balpa, the pilots’ union, said: “The chaos witnessed at British airports may well be repeated throughout the summer because airlines, laden with debt… have not yet rehired enough staff.”

Ryanair aims to run more flights than rivals, including easyJet, this year, and insiders in the airline said that they were not facing any difficulties due to Covid infections.

Mr Chalk said that he had warned ministers “several months ago” of the threat of disruption due to staffing shortages, but stated: “The Government failed to act.”



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