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Sainsbury's deals: Money guru's voucher code trick – '£60 worth of shopping for only £48'

A Sainsbury’s deal to save you £12 off an online shop has been detailed by a money-saving guru from Glasgow.

Chloe Carmichael is a deal hunting expert. The 29-year-old founded Chloe’s Deal Club in 2019.

She detailed a Sainsbury’s voucher deal trick to get you £60 worth of shopping for only £48.

The money-saving aficionado told how to get the deal, which applies to online shops.

“If you’ve never placed an online grocery order with Sainsbury’s, search online for ‘Sainsbury’s first shop voucher’,” Chloe said.

“You should find a code on Sainsbury’s website for £12 off your first £60+ online grocery shop.

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Chloe provides a free newsletter to her subscribers filled with the week’s best deals or a VIP subscription.

She also charges £35 annually, which includes two additional deals.

Chloe also advises using the Nectar cards to save money at Sainsbury’s.

“Make sure you have a Nectar card too, it’s free and you’ll get personalised vouchers when you shop,” the expert said.

Another finance expert had a rewards card trick to save hundreds, and recommended TK Maxx. 

Financial planner Makala Green encouraged using store rewards cards, in particular making a commitment to use the same one as often as possible.

It can be easy to agree to as many rewards cards as possible, but how many of us do so to never actually use them?

The finance aficionado said: “I think a lot of us go to different stores and we pick up all these different reward cards and then we don’t use many of them.”



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