Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 won’t fix a complaint with the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Sadly though, according to GSMArena, it looks like the next entry in the Z Fold line-up won’t address one big S Pen issue with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

While it’s great that S Pen support has come to the Galaxy S range, there is one slightly frustrating thing – and that’s the S21 Ultra 5G doesn’t have a built-in holder for the stylus.

Unlike the Note range, you simply can’t pull out and remove the S Pen from the bottom of the S21 Ultra 5G handset.

Instead, a separate case has to be purchased which features a holder for the S Pen.

And it looks like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will require a similar workaround, according to South Korea’s NaverNews.

The outlet said that the initial plan for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 was to have an S Pen holder built into the device, with patents previously showing this.

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