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‘Scam!’ ‘Unregulated’ Covid testing firms slammed by tourists – ‘money-making exercise’

Covid tests are again accused of being “money-making exercise” with testing companies still unregulated. While pre-departure tests and Day 2 PCR tests have been scrapped by the UK Government, travellers still need to book a lateral flow test online.

One BBC News viewer, Corinne, said: “I’ve just returned from the States to see my son for the first time in two years.

“Why is nobody monitoring the charges and performance of testing companies who seem to be absolute cowboys?

“I used a trusted company from the Covid testing network website, I paid a lot of money for a test that never arrived and the results were delayed.

“To add insult to injury the pre-flight testing company asked me yesterday to send them a review for which I only gave two stars.”

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“Last night they said they were refunding my £169 for me to remove the review, which had gone on to Trustpilot,” she claimed.

“Had it been a small amount I probably would have refused.

“In this way the companies are providing the public with edited reviews and I think somebody should be investigating them.”

One of the experts on BBC, Lisa Francesca Nand, the host of The Big Travel Podcast got very angry and said she “equalled your frustration”.


Twitter user Justin said: “This is all just ridiculous!

“I just took my family to the UK and we took four expensive mail PCR tests for Day 2.

“It took eight days to get the negative results and we were supposed to ‘isolate’ before getting cleared.

“What a joke and a scam.”



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