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Simple household item could give drivers 'more traction' on icy mornings

The simple solution will help “put fears at ease” and ensure drivers do not become stuck on the driveway this winter. Experts at car leasing firm Vehicle Contracts said sprinkling just some cat litter behind your vehicle can make a massive difference.

They said: “Driving on ice is one of motorists’ biggest fears in winter.

“Keeping a bag of cat litter in the boot can put some of those fears at rest.

“If you find that your car is struggling to drive over black ice or a snowy patch, sprinkle a handful of cat litter on the road just behind your rear tyres to give your wheels some much-needed traction.”

The simple solution was also picked up by the American consumer website ‘HowStuffWorks’.

They warned road salt can often be “corrosive” in some circumstances, meaning it is not always the best solution.

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“However, salt can also be corrosive, and it doesn’t work to melt ice if the temperature is lower than 15 degrees Fahrenheit (nine degrees Celsius).



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