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Six ‘effective’ ways to keep houseplants warm this winter – they will ‘thrive’ into spring

“The top of the fridge often produces some heat, so keeping plants on top of the fridge will allow the plants to absorb some heat for no extra cost. It’s also a good idea to wrap the pots in bubble wrap too as the top of the fridge likely won’t provide enough heat alone.”

5. Space heaters

Using indoor space heaters for plants is a more costly idea to keep plants at the right temperature. If using these, the experts recommended making sure the plants aren’t placed directly in front of the heaters, otherwise they will get too hot.

6. Water indoor plants carefully

The gardening experts noted: “Indoor plants are susceptible to over-watering during the winter months, since they don’t need as much water as they do during the spring and summer. 

“Obviously the plants will still need watering, especially if they are in a humid room. Spraying water mist over the plants will help them grow in the dry air whilst avoiding over-watering. A good tip is to push about 5cm deep into the soil – if it is completely dry, then it needs more water.”



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