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Sky TV just got more affordable! Unbeatable deal is back and offers 'best ever' price

If you want to join Sky, get access to its award-winning Q box and have broadband beamed into your home at a very low price we may have the answer. Sky recently launched its all-new Q Lite bundle which offers customers access to its popular set-top box along with over 250 channels plus fast internet speeds for a low monthly price of just £31.

That was already a very good deal but now it’s even better with Sky reviving a discount that drops it to just £30 – that’s its ‘best ever’ price for this bundle.


This is a very good deal from Sky especially as you get that Sky Q box which offers clever voice search along with 4K playback and the ability to record numerous shows at once. There’s also easy access to all the best streaming apps including full integration with Netflix, Apple TV+ and Disney+.

Along with hours of telly to tune into, Sky Q Lite also comes with broadband so there are no extra fees to pay to get online. If all that sounds enticing then you can find the Sky Q Lite deal here.

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However, before you sign on the dotted line, there are a couple of things to be aware of.

Firstly, this bundle doesn’t include any access to Sky channels such as Sky Max, Sky Comedy or Sky Atlantic.

Instead, Q Lite simply features Freeview channels with those wanting more to watch needing to add Sky TV to their plan at a cost of £9 per month.

The broadband that’s bundled with this package is also the most basic Sky offers with those joining only getting access to 36Mbps downloads.

That’s fast enough to whizz around the internet, send emails and stream films but might struggle in a busy house that’s full of people using the web at the same time.

If that all sounds OK then you won’t find a much cheaper way to access Sky and broadband – for example, the firm charges £25 per month for its standalone broadband which means you’re getting that Sky Q box for just £5 per month. Bargain!



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