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Smiling Queen abates health fears despite monarch being spotted with walking stick

Clad in silk spring day dress, the 95-year-old monarch looked graceful at the Windsor castle event with her favourite three-string pearl necklace. Despite carrying a walking stick, the Queen looked radiant as she complimented her spring-inspired look with her trademark black patent Launer handbag and enjoyed viewing the trinkets through gold half-moon glasses.

The Queen was due to visit the Halcyon Days factory in Staffordshire in 2020 to mark its own Platinum Jubilee of 70 years, but plans were put on hold when the pandemic struck.

Halcyon Days is one of fourteen companies in the world to hold all three Royal Warrants.

The event was the Queen’s first official face-to-face engagement with a number of people for more than seven weeks since her Platinum Jubilee reception at Sandringham House.

The latest statement from Buckingham Palace about Prince Philip’s memorial service has once again raised concerns over the Queen’s health.

According to the Palace, the service will be held at Westminster Abbey almost a year after Prince Philip’s passing on April 9.

However, the statement did not mention whether the Queen would attend.

Instead, the official statement simply referenced “members of the royal family”.

The monarch has been absent at some of the biggest events on the royal calendar.

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“She will make a huge effort to attend the Prince Philip memorial, but they will have to make allowances for her – and no one will begrudge it. She’s nearly 96.”

The Palace is looking to curtail appearances that require the Queen to walk long distances or stand for long periods of time after the monarch herself admitted to a pair of military visitors at Windsor Castle last month: “As you can see, I can’t move.”



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