Snow forecast: Chart turns blue as big freeze returns to Europe before icy air grips UK

UK Weather: Chart forecasts snow as temperatures drop

The bitterly cold air could head towards the UK at the start of March triggering a sharp drop in temperatures with -4C expected in central Scotland, weather maps suggest. According to a forecast chart by the Weather Outlook, the colder air – represented by darker blue shades on the map, moves into Scandinavia on March 2-3 and remains in place for over a week.

Meanwhile, a separate temperature model from WxCharts shows Norway and northern parts of Sweden will see temperatures to fall to -9C during the evening and night of March 3.

The following day thermometers are expected to drop down to -16C in some areas.

On March 5, temperatures in parts of Russia could hit -20C east of Petrozavodsk with -12C for the capital Moscow.

The temperatures are projected to fall even lower on the days following – reaching as low as -24C on March 7.


Cold weather will blow into the UK from the East (Image: TheWeatherOutlook)


Temperatures will fall to freezing for Scotland on March 3 (Image: WXCHARTS)

The cold snap over Scandinavia will continue into March 13 when -12C temperatures are expected across Norway.

This colder air moving across Europe is expected to nudge towards Britain during this period.

Commenting on a chart which shows blue air sweep across Europe towards Britain, the Weather Outlook wrote on Twitter: “GFS 06z shows quite a cold evolution with the risk of snow returning to central and northern areas”.

Freezing conditions are expected for parts of Scotland on March 3 and will be widespread across the UK by the night of March 6, a chart by WxCharts suggests.

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Much of the UK will see freezing temperatures on March 7 (Image: WXCHARTS)

The bone-chilling air will grip the country overnight for a number of days, especially over high areas, with parts of the Scottish Highlands forecast to receive -4C on March 13.

BBC Weather has forecast conditions will become colder and more volatile for Britain between March 8 and March 21 after a more temperate period.

Its weather forecast reads: “For the second week of March, high pressure will begin to shift away to the west.


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On March 13 temperatures could fall to -4C in Scotland (Image: WXCHARTS)


A cold wave moves into Scandinavia from March 2-3 (Image: WXCHARTS)

“This will allow the colder flows from northeast Europe to move in, bringing fresher Atlantic air from the north or northwest.

“Temperatures will tend to dip below average, but it will still be drier than normal with high pressure close enough to keep any strong weather fronts away to the north.

“However, it won’t be quite as dry as the first week of March, and some rain is likely at times.”

BBC Weather: UK warned of scattered showers and mild conditions

During the middle of March, the weather will start becoming more unsettled, with both cold and warmer snaps.

The BBC forecast added: “Heading through mid-March and beyond, high pressure is expected to move away, allowing an area of low pressure to develop over western and north-western Europe, leading to more unsettled and changeable conditions.

“Temperatures will also vary, with plenty of mild spells followed by colder snaps.


Parts of Russia will see temperatures of -24C on March 8 (Image: WXCHARTS)

“It’s uncertain which temperature trend will win out at the moment, but we favour milder days to slightly outnumber the colder ones.”

A snow risk model by Netweather also shows parts of central Scotland and northern England at risk of some on Friday, March 3.

The model also shows an increased snow risk across some parts of western Scotland, northwest England and Wales on Monday, March 8.

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