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SNP's Ian Blackford brazenly uses Brexit to call for independence referendum in 12 months

The SNP is pushing for a second vote to be help on Scotland’s position in – or out of – the United Kingdom 2023. Boris Johnson has pushed back against the idea he described as “irresponsible”. But Scottish nationalists insist a vote is necessary because of Brexit.

Mr Blackford told the BBC this morning, on April 24, he and other Scottish MSPs have been elected in order to “deliver that independence referendum”.

The SNP’s Commons leader said: “We have been given a mandate by the people of Scotland.

“It is the right of the people of Scotland.

“And of course everything that we are facing at the moment: the cost of living crisis, the fact we have a Government in London with no moral authority, the fact we are facing the cost of living crisis but of course the root of all that is the cost that we now have with Brexit as well.”

He added: “There has to be a better way forward for the people of Scotland and that is giving them a say in that referendum.”

The SNP have cited Brexit as an argument for a second independence referendum on numerous occasions.

The first referendum was described as a “once in a generation” decision.

Nationalists claim, however, the UK leaving the EU tipped the balance in favour of a second referendum being held in under a decade.

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The vote was held in 2014, two years before the UK voted to leave the Brussels bloc and longer still before it officially left.

The Scottish referendum was, however, conducted at a time when it was clear the UK’s position in the EU was not guaranteed.

More to follow.



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