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'So timeless': Kate Middleton's 'rosy' makeup in Belize perfectly matches pink dress

Kate Middleton wore the bright, romantic look to a special reception hosted by the Governor General of Belize in celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The makeup expert shared a number of tips to emulate the Duchess’s gorgeous beauty look.

She advised combing the eyebrows twice a day to encourage growth and achieve a lush brow like Kate’s.

She said: “We know Kate loves a bold brow, take a dry spoolie brush to comb through brows be sure to comb them in the direction of the hair growth.

“Comb at least twice a day to stimulate circulation and style those hairs to perfection.”

For Monday’s rose-hued lip look, she recommended products from Project lip.

Joy said: “On the lips, opt for a pink-brown colour such as the Project Lip Hydra Matte Balm in Shade “Play”.

“To prevent colour bleeding and give a more precise application be sure to outline the lips, I would use Plump & Fill Lip Liner in shade ‘Chase’ to fill line lips and fill the entire lip for extra staying power.”

Another makeup artist detailed Kate’s everyday makeup look to

Danielle Gilbert, aka Dani, is a trained, professional makeup artist.

She told “Simplicity is key for Kate Middleton.

“She always keeps her look more natural with well-groomed brows, satin skin, rosy cheeks, and hydrated lips.”

Kate Middleton’s eyebrows are thought to have been laminated, the latest brow beauty craze for a thick, youthful effect. 



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