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Sophie and Prince Edward mocked for ‘tone-deaf’ and 'narcissistic' gift to St Lucia leader

The royal couple gifted the nation’s leader with a signed photograph of themselves as a present during their royal tour of the Caribbean.

After receiving a warm welcome and having the red carpet rolled out for them on their arrival to the island, the Royal Family members presented Mr Pierre with a jubilee box as a “token of appreciation”.

St Lucia’s PM also gave the royals a gift in return, an impressive painting of one of the island’s turtles rolled up in a black tube.

Before opening the gift, Prince Edward joked: “It’s not a fishing rod”.

Photos of the Wessexes’ and the PM’s gift-giving have circulated online, causing some commentators to condemn the royal couple’s gesture.

The gift was described as “narcissistic”, “tone-deaf” and “insulting”.

One commentator even said that the framed photo of the royals would make a “lovely ashtray”.

One social media user questioned: “Another badly done royal tour. This is such an obvious misstep. Who is advising them?”

British pressure group, Republic, said: “Such a weird thing to do, especially since they’re trying to downplay the imperious tone of their visit”.

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She said: “Why would you give that nonsense to someone outside of your family? What’s he meant to do with that? Hope the frame is worth something at least. He can ditch the photo and sell it.”

It comes after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came under fire for certain controversial elements of their royal tour of Jamaica.

This included “PR mistakes” such as photos with imperialistic undertones showing the couple shaking hands with children through metal fences and riding around in an open-top Land Rover.



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