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'Sorrowful' Queen is an 'example to us all' despite grief and loss, says royal expert

However, Mr Arbiter pointed out that the Queen explained the pain and inevitability of grief better than most.

Writing for Australian outlet for 9Honey, she wrote: “An undeniable leveller, raw unadulterated grief eventually comes for us all.

“It is, as the Queen wisely said following the 9/11 terror attacks, ‘the price we pay for love’.

“Nonetheless, those fortunate to live a long and healthy life are often forced to contend with more than their fair share.”

Ms Arbiter points out that the Queen has faced a number of sad goodbyes recently.

This includes the Duchess of Grafton, her friend and Mistress of the Robes, and last month Lady Farnham, her long time confidante and lady in waiting, who died aged 90.

On January 5, Her Majesty was hit by another blow when racing journalist and horse trainer Ivor Herbert, a close friend of the royals, died aged 96.

Without doubt the death of her beloved husband Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was the most bitter pill to swallow. 

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She continued: “Stoic and steadfast, even in the face of personal adversity.

“The Queen has consistently prioritised the needs of the nation.

“The epitome of the wartime generation, she represents an unwavering symbol of fortitude and her unifying presence is one to be admired.

“True to form, she’s put her own pain aside so as to focus on the welfare of others.

“In doing so, she’s set an exceptional example to us all and her unifying presence is one to be admired.”



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