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Sri Lanka chaos as Prime Minister declares 'We are bankrupt, we have no dollars or rupees'

Sri Lanka’s central bank has secured foreign exchange to pay for fuel and cooking gas shipments that will ease crippling shortages, its governor said on Thursday, but police fired tear gas and water canon to push back student protesters. Most of Sri Lanka’s petrol stations have run dry as the island nation battles its most devastating economic crisis since independence in 1948. At some pumps in the commercial capital, Colombo, dozens of people stood in lines holding plastic jerry cans, as troops in combat gear and armed with assault rifles patrolled the streets. Traffic was extremely light. Speaking to Sky News, Mr Wickremesinghe said: “The last administration is to blame.

“They ran down the economy.

“We’ve come to a point where Sri Lanka is bankrupt which has never happened before.

“We have no dollars, we have no rupees.”

He added: “We are not in a stable position. We are feeling the rise of the price of fuel.

“We are feeling that and we know it will go higher.

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“Our main concern also is we have not had fertiliser for cultivation and this coming season, we will not have the food production.

“There is a possibility of a food crisis in Sri Lanka and could last until March next year.”

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