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‘Steer clear’: Surfaces to ‘avoid’ using citric acid due to its ‘corrosive properties’

Citric acid is a compound originally derived from lemon juice and it can be purchased in boxes from the majority of supermarkets. It can help to target limescale and is sometimes used as a substitute for white vinegar. While it is great at cleaning some surfaces, one expert has shared the surfaces Britons should “steer clear” of.

Matthew Harrison, cleaning expert at PriceYourJob, told “Citric acid is a remarkable ingredient for those looking to make the switch to natural cleaning methods.

“It makes a great non-toxic alternative to bleach, working superbly to remove limescale, de-grease, whiten and disinfect.

“When combined with bicarbonate of soda and water, it becomes an all-natural superhero of the cleaning world.”

However, citric acid shouldn’t be used on some surfaces.

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Matthew said: “This leaves your phone, TV, computer or laptop screen susceptible to abrasion from the elements.

“When cleaning all these surfaces, it’s best to go with something gentler, such as a microfibre cloth, castile soap and water.”

Citric acid can be picked up for around £2 in boxes.

It is great for descale kettles as well as removing browning from the toilet.

It can also be used on hard water stains, soap scum and to clean washing machines and dishwashers.



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