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'Stop getting walked over' Boris urged to 'get tough' with Macron after French election

Boris Johnson has been urged to get tough on Emmanuel Macron after the latter announced he was standing for re-election as French President. Mr Macron looks likely to win the election in April with recent polls putting him well ahead in the presidential race. English media personality Christine Hamilton told GB News that Britain had to accept Mr Macron will win the election and prepare to “get tough” on the French leader over Brexit tensions. 

GB News host Mark Dolan asked whether “we can really face another four or five years of Macron”.

Ms Hamilton responded: “It is going to happen but we just need to grab the Brexit dividend and ignore all the threats from Macron.

“We have started on that after we appointed Jacob Rees-Mogg as minister for Brexit opportunities, finally getting us out of Europe properly.

“We need to call their bluff. We just did a deal with New Zealand. We don’t need French cheese, we don’t need French wine.”

She called President Macron’s ambition of an EU army “another one of his vanity projects”

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She also described him as “an egomaniac with a Napoleon complex”.

Ms Hamilton continued: “We need to get tough. So far we have done absolutely nothing. We have allowed ourselves to be walked over by Macron, it seems.

Mark Dolan said that President Macron “is an arch-Remainer who will do anything to punish us for Brexit,” adding “I think he wants us back in”.

Ms Hamilton replied: “I’m perfectly certain he does, anyone would want us back in the club, but all this Government has got to do is go for that Brexit dividends.

“No wonder we are afraid of Macron. Too many people in the political class in this country agree with him, that we should crawl back and say we made a terrible mistake.”

Despite Ms Hamilton’s demands, it appears as if the Russian invasion into Ukraine could provide space for cooperation between the two sides, rather than hostility.

João Vale de Almeida, the European Union’s ambassador to Britain, said: “In the two years I have been here, I don’t think I have seen such intensity and quality in our relationship as I have in the last two weeks.”

He said that Liz Truss’s recent attendance to Brussels to discuss the Russian-Ukraine conflict was “very meaningful and symbolic”.

A spokesman for Boris Johnson said that the attendance showed that Britain was working very closely with European partners.



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