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Sturgeon savaged for trying to ‘score political points’ with Ukraine-IndyRef parallel

Nicola Sturgeon has faced a severe backlash for appearing to use Ukraine’s war with Russia to bolster a case for Scottish independence. Scotland’s First Minister has been slammed for trying to exploit the “humanitarian catastrophe” inside Ukraine for her own political gain. Shout Out UK CEO Matteo Bergamini told talkRADIO that it was “just dark” to use the conflict to “score political points”.

TalkRADIO host Dr David Bull said: “This is a woman that just won’t stop, she reminds me of whack-a-mole.

“How many times do we need calls for an independence referendum and what does that have to do with Ukraine?”

Mr Bergamini responded: “If we had British tanks rolling across the border into Scotland and occupying their Parliament and carrying out war crimes, then compare it to Ukraine.

“But that is clearly fantasy and clearly not the case.”

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He continued: “It’s an issue when you have politicians linking trivial things to an actual conflict that is killing people and displacing millions.

“Using a conflict to score political points is dark. We have politicians that are incredibly out of touch.”

Dr Bull, who is also the deputy leader of Reform UK, followed up: “I thought it was disgusting and incredibly disingenuous and undermined the severity of what people are going through in Ukraine.”

Another talkRADIO contributor Jason Reed added: “It’s incredible how she can make this about herself and her pet issue.

She wrote that Vladimir Putin’s invasion “cast new light on the realities of Brexit and the particular challenges posed to Scotland and the rest of the UK by being taken out of the world’s biggest single market”.

Scottish Conservative constitution spokesman Donald Cameron called out Ms Sturgeon: “It is unacceptable and tasteless for the First Minister to make any sort of link between the war in Ukraine and Scottish independence.

“It appears there is no issue that is beyond Nicola Sturgeon when it comes to pushing her endless obsession with breaking up the United Kingdom.

“It is astonishing that pushing the case for another referendum was at the forefront of the First Minister’s mind when writing about the truly horrendous situation in Ukraine.”



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