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Sturgeon's independence plot could backfire spectacularly 'Unrecognised breakaway state'

Scotland’s First Minister wants to hold a new referendum in spite of the British Government saying the matter was settled in 2014. The Scottish government, led by her pro-independence Scottish National Party, has published a referendum bill outlining plans for a secession vote on October 19, 2023.

Ms Sturgeon has said the legality of a referendum without permission from the UK Government was contested so she had already asked Scotland’s senior Law Officer, the Lord Advocate, to refer the question to the UK’s Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is due to hear the Scottish Government’s referral of its IndyRef2 legislation, which is being challenged by the UK Government, next month.

If the court found the Scottish parliament could not hold an independence referendum without the Prime Minister’s consent, Ms Sturgeon said the SNP would fight the next General Election on a platform of whether Scotland should be independent.

Effie Deans, a well-known blogger on Scottish politics, in a post published online yesterday (August 27), said if Scotland tried to secede from the UK illegitimately, then voters north of the border would vote against it.

He said: “I absolutely don’t think I will live to see it, because it just doesn’t work. They just cannot find a viable way of promoting a proposition that works.”

Mr Murray, MP for Edinburgh South, told the broadcaster: “Nicola Sturgeon has said if they lose a second one, they’ll have a third.

“And all this stuff about mandates, about Brexit, about the Tories. All of the excuses they give for another referendum are all the excuses that were given the day after the last one.”

He added: “So, we’re just finding an excuse and a trigger to have one.

“And as all that’s happening – and I see it in my own constituency day in, day out – is: the NHS is getting worse; educational attainment gap’s widening; transport is dreadful; the economy is slipping behind the rest of the UK; the number of higher rate taxpayers is diminishing; the demographics are much older and therefore all the problems that comes with that.”

Scottish Green MSP, Ross Greer, said it was not unusual to hear Labour talking down Scotland and its ambitions, but people can always rely on the party’s last Scottish MP standing to take it to ludicrous new lengths.

He added: “Imagine looking at successful independent countries of Scotland’s size like New Zealand or Finland, which outperform the UK on almost every important measure, and still having the brass neck to suggest independence uniquely wouldn’t work for us.

“While Labour continually fails to hold the UK Government to account over the cost-of-living crisis and Brexit, their councillors in places like Edinburgh and Stirling are striking deals with the Tories, putting their anti-independence obsession ahead of protecting communities from the Conservative party.

“The Scottish Greens on the other hand believe in democracy and in Scotland’s right to choose its own future, a question the pro-independence parties won the right to put to the public with our victory at last year’s Holyrood election.

“We have no doubt that when people are given that choice next year they will vote for a fairer, greener independent Scotland in Europe.”



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