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Sturgeon's Indy dream in tatters as poll reveals massive amount of Scots AGAINST new vote

Only a third of people in Scotland want a second vote held in the next two years, the Savanta ComRes poll for The Economist found. It also found No leading by 51 percent to 49 percent once those who are undecided are removed.

Ms Sturgeon has said she is determined Scots will be able to vote at a second referendum on independence by the end of 2023.

The SNP leader pointed to her party’s election victory last year as proof she has a mandate to ask Scots the constitutional question for the second time in 10 years.

Scots rejected independence in a referendum in 2014 by 55 percent to 45 percent.

While there is a pro-independence majority of MSPs at Holyrood, the power to hold a legally-binding referendum lies with Westminster.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly insisted that the result of the 2014 independence vote must be respected.

Pamela Nash, chief executive of pro-UK campaign group Scotland in Union, told The Scotsman: “With the long-term impact of Covid and a cost-of-living crisis that is leading to higher energy bills and food prices, only a government completely out-of-touch with the people of Scotland would prioritise another referendum.

“The very last thing that Scotland needs is more division and economic uncertainty.

“As part of the UK, we can invest more in our public services and use the strength of the UK economy to address the cost-of-living crisis and bring communities together, not tear them apart.”


SNP MSP Rona Mackay said people have already decided they want an independence referendum after giving the SNP Government a cast-iron democratic mandate for one.

She told The Scotsman: “The SNP won the Holyrood election with a record share of the vote, and a record number of pro-independence MSPs were elected.”

Scotland’s First Minister was forced to defend the Scottish Government’s new economic strategy on Wednesday after criticism from trade unions and some business figures.

Finance Secretary Kate Forbes unveiled a 10-year economic vision which she said would be a radical and bold approach to supporting businesses, boosting the economy and cutting poverty.

The proposals received a mixed response after the launch in Dundee of the National Strategy for Economic Transformation on Tuesday.

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Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) general secretary Roz Foyer said it was merely paying lip service to creating a well-being economy.

She said: “The National Strategy for Economic Transformation has a sprinkling of good ideas and we have successfully argued for some strong lines on the importance of fair work, decent pay and the role of trade unions, but overall it is a missed opportunity to address the challenges before us and make real, transformational change.”

Businessman Sir Tom Hunter also suggested the strategy needed to be more business-led and improve productivity in the public sector.

Other groups, including the Federation of Small Businesses and the Scottish Retail Consortium, welcomed the new strategy, praising the clarity and ambition it would provide.

Discussing the response to the strategy, Ms Sturgeon said: “It’s a fact of life and a healthy part of a democracy that people will criticise Government strategies.

“We’re focused on delivering this strategy. I think it’s the right one. It’s got the right level of ambition but, more importantly, it’s got the right focus on delivery.

“The STUC were part of the team that put the strategy together and we’ll work with them, we’ll work with businesses to deliver it.

“I know Kate Forbes is absolutely focused on ensuring that we realise the potential of Scotland in the decades to come and the strategy puts in place the right building blocks for that.

“I would appeal to everybody across the trade union movement and the business community for all of us to come together right now and focus on delivering the ambition that Kate Forbes set out in the strategy yesterday.”

Asked how the long-term strategy fits with the SNP Government’s ambition to leave the UK, Ms Sturgeon said: “It’s integral and essential.

“Independence doesn’t sit apart from the ambition to make Scotland a prosperous country economically and a fairer country socially – it’s part and parcel of that.

“The powers of independence mean that we can do more to deliver on those ambitions.

“This is not something that is separate, it’s all part and parcel of us wanting Scotland to be as successful as it can be and thinking about how we best equip ourselves to deliver on that ambition.”



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