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Sturgeon's IndyRef2 dream could spark complete collapse of union – Wales tipped to follow

Former Plaid Cymru leader Lord Dafydd Wigley questioned where England and Wales would be left “as a unit” if Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon achieved her desperate bid to rip Scotland from the UK. He warned that Scottish independence would see Wales get “even less” of a voice in the UK because the Union is “so dominated by the needs of England”.

Lord Wigley, who served as the Plaid Cymru leader twice, in the early 1980s and from 1991 to 2000, told the BBC Walescast podcast: “Is that what we want.. to be a small pimple on the western side of England that doesn’t count for anything?

“We get precious little voice now in the UK, we’ll get even less when it is so dominated by the needs of England.”

But he said if Scotland rejected the SNP’s second independence bid it would make it “less likely” that Wales would become independent and there would be a “greater focus” on redesigning the Union.

Lord Wigley, who has been a peer since 2011, added: “In realistic terms, if Scotland was to have a referendum and it went ‘no’, I think what we then have is a greater focus on a federalism or confederal argument.”

Wales is currently led by Labour First Minister Mark Drakeford who now governs in cooperation with pro-independence Plaid Cymru.

Mr Drakeford recently sparked a row when he contradicted Labour’s official position by siding with Ms Sturgeon.

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Oral arguments are due to be heard in the case in October, but the Advocate General for Scotland Lord Stewart QC submitted the case against the Bill being within the legislative competence of Holyrood on Tuesday.

It is understood the UK Government has asked for the Court’s permission to publish the submission.

A spokeswoman for the UK Government said: “People across Scotland want both their governments to be working together on the issues that matter to them and their families, not talking about another independence referendum.

“We have today submitted our written case to the Supreme Court, in accordance with its timetable.

“On the question of legislative competence, the UK Government’s clear view remains that a Bill legislating for a referendum on independence would be outside the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament.”



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