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'Surely that's illegal?' Driver blocks residents in by parking car sideways on busy street

The homeowners in the road in Plymouth are angry at the actions of drivers they describe as “morons” who they say consistently park inconsiderately, causing issues for other people. The residents have taken to threatening to report the offenders to the police.

In one example a car was left sideways across the middle of the road, meaning neighbours were either trapped or unable to enter to get to their houses.

In a photo taken by resident Vikii Cooper the car can be seen covered in mud and left pointing across the road with nobody at the wheel.

Ms Cooper posted the photo of the blue Ford Focus estate to Facebook, writing: “Terrific parking, meaning entrance to Edith Avenue is obstructed (plenty of spaces nearby). I’ve reported it.”

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In the UK, unless there are signs stating otherwise, drivers can park on residential roads provided it isn’t on red, yellow or white lines.

The car must be parked following the direction of the traffic on the road.

Parking on pavements is usually forbidden unless explicitly permitted on signs nearby.

And often residents must display permits in their windscreen to show they can park in the street.



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