Tech founder considering legal action against new Donald Trump social network that ‘copies’ his work

Donald Trump’s new social network appears to be an undisclosed clone of someone else’s work, and the original creator is considering legal action.

Eugen Rochko, creator of the Twitter-like social network Mastodon, told the Washington Post he had asked his company’s lawyers to assess whether Mr Trump’s new Truth Social service has broken Mastodon’s copyright.

Although Mastodon is open source and can be freely copied by anyone, its software licence requires imitators to make their own source code available and give credit to the original.

Screenshots taken from a leaked early version of Truth Social showed that it still contained pieces of HTML code from Mastodon, indicating that it is almost certainly a clone.

Mastodon is a free software suite that can be used to set up new social networks, designed to escape the centralised rule of Big Tech services such as Facebook and Twitter.

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