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Tesco brings back popular scheme that could save customers hundreds

Tesco has brought back its 12-month delivery passes, meaning customers can get their weekly grocery shops delivered straight to their door for an affordable price. This could save those who live far from a Tesco branch hundreds of pounds on fuel. It would also save shoppers hundreds of pounds on delivery fees if they use the service frequently.

Supermarkets are doing what they can to help customers cope with the cost of living crisis.

The change in Tesco’s delivery service could decrease people’s petrol or diesel fees.

Last month, petrol hit a record high price of 191.53p a litre, while diesel hit 199.07p a litre.

Compared to last year, that’s up a huge 42.3 percent – the biggest increase recorded since 1989.

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For those who live more than two or three miles from a store, having their shopping delivered to them could save them a fortune – especially as Tesco’s delivery passes are affordable.

For a one-off delivery slot, the supermarket giant usually charges between £3.50 and £7.

The amount will, however, vary depending on the time of day and the day of the week a shopper selects.

So, is an annual pass cheaper than a one-off delivery?

Spending £7 a week on delivery would add up to a whopping £364 over a year.

However, the 12-month pass costs £83.88 a year, or £6.99 a month for anytime delivery.

According to the RAC’s journey planner, a round trip of 30 miles to a supermarket would cost a shopper £3.40 – if that shopper had a medium car and had paid 180p a litre for fuel.

Done once a week for a whole year, that would add up to £176.80 a year, which is more than twice the cost of the Tesco pass.

Other supermarkets also have a delivery service to help customers with their weekly shop.

Sainsbury’s offers an anytime delivery pass worth £40 for six months, or £80 for a year.

It also does a midweek (Tuesday to Thursday) pass for £40 a year.

Meanwhile, Asda does a 12-month anytime delivery pass for £6 a month.



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