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‘That’s not right!’ Driver fined for parking despite using car park machine to pay

Jessica Ledwards was fined by Cheshire East Council despite paying £3 for all-day parking. She paid at a machine using the PayByPhone app but when she returned, she noticed that her car has been slapped with a ticket.

Ms Ledwards, who is the manager of Regis Hair Salon, told Cheshire Live: “I paid for my parking on Snow Hill.

“It located it on my phone and when I came back to my car I had a parking fine. I knew that wasn’t right because I’d paid.”

However, upon inspecting her parking receipt, she realised that she had paid for the wrong car park.

The parking receipt that the machine provided Ms Ledwars with was for First Wood Car Park – even though she used the machine at Snow Hill.

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The council’s spokesperson said: “We will review the barcoding in Snow Hill to ensure this issue does not recur.”

The council also acknowledged, on yet another separate day, that two of its three machines on Snow Hill weren’t working and would not accept cash.

There were concerns that visitors to the town may have been fined because the only working machine would only be known to locals because it is out of view from the main car park.

Cllr Craig Browne, chair of the highways committee, said: “It was unfortunate that two of the three parking machines on the Snow Hill car park had broken, due to wear and tear, but these were repaired as quickly as possible.

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“Customers are still able to pay by phone in these circumstances or use the remaining functioning parking machine.

He added: “Penalty charge notices are not routinely issued by our parking enforcement officers where it is unreasonable to expect users to have paid.

“Furthermore, anyone who feels they have been ticketed unlawfully can appeal by following the information on the notice they have been given.”

The news comes after a Hertfordshire resident named Karen Wilson was reportedly left with “palpitations” after she received a parking fine at her local leisure centre.

She said the fine was “unfairly” given to her as parking is free of charge to leisure centre users.

On the morning of July 29, Ms Wilson was taking part in her weekly swimming session.

Once arriving at the centre, she logged her car’s registration number with a member of the reception team.

Ms Wilson said: “When you pay you tell the people at reception your car reg and they enter it in the system for you.

“They always repeat it back to you. That had been done the day I received the ticket so I know that it had been entered correctly.”

Upon returning to her vehicle, Ms Wilson found a penalty charge notice plastered to the front of her car, despite leaving a message on the windscreen informing any traffic officers that she was a member of the leisure centre and should therefore not be charged.

Upset and shaking, Ms Wilson went back to the centre and spoke to a duty manager.

According to Ms Wilson, the manager checked and agreed that it was wrong and emailed the council to point out their error.



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