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‘That’s very un-British!’ GB News host savages MPs over queue-jumping

Members of the House of Commons and Lords have come under fire for skipping the line to pay their tribute to the Queen. GB News guest and comedian Josh Howie took at a swipe at MPs for that “very un-British” practice. He added that queue-jumpers are despised by Britons.

When asked if the British practice of queuing still goes on, GB News guest Josh Howie said: “Well, it does go on. 

“Except for MPs who are doing some queue-jumping.

“I mean, that is very un-British.”

Reminding GB News viewers of the rule, Mr Howie said: “That’s still excluding a lot of other staff members, some people who have been saying: ‘Like, I’ve worked here for 30 years’ and they can’t get to the front.

“But cleaners and cooks are able to skip the queue but we, British, do not like queue jumpers. 

“And suddenly, when you see people like David Beckham.”

Pointing at her fellow comedian, Sajeela Kershi, on the set of GB News, Mr Howie said: “We just talked about a friend of ours, Shazie Mirza who was queuing last night.”

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