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The 40 mile convoy of Russia tanks has moved – what it means for Kyiv

Ukraine is under constant attack from Russian forces under the command of Vladimir Putin, with concern mounting as more cities fall under Russian control. Now the 40-mile long convoy of military vehicles – including tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery – has begun moving and eyes are on Ukraine’s capital – Kyiv.

The convoy had been stopped approximately 20 miles from Kyiv for around a week, however, now satellite images from Maxar Technologies from Thursday showed movement.

Reports showed the convoy had “largely dispersed and redeployed.”

Vehicles were seen heading towards the tree line away from the road in the past few days.

A US defence official said on Thursday Russian forces had moved three miles closer to Kyiv in the previous 24 hours.

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What does this mean for Kyiv?

All eyes are on Ukraine’s capital, with experts believing if Russia seizes Kyiv, Putin will install a pro-Russian government.

The convoy of vehicles is thought to be aiding in attempts to encircle the city.

Russian troops are reportedly trying to close in on Kyiv from the northwest and were just nine miles away from the centre, while armies to the northeast of the city were 25 miles away.

Ukrainian forces have targeted the convoy with anti-tank missiles – however, it has still moved on the city.

The invasion of Ukraine is now on its 16th day, with Russia seeming to try and regroup and regain momentum.

Russian forces have expanded bombardment and tightened its stranglehold on cities like Mariupol.

Putin had spoken with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz about efforts to “end the war”.

However, after the 75-minute call France has said: “We did not detect a willingness on Putin’s part to end the war”.

Mr Zelensky said Russia was sending in new troops after Ukrainian forces had put 31 of its battalion tactical groups out of action in what he called Russia’s largest army losses in decades.

He said 500 to 600 Russian troops had surrendered on Friday alone and about 1,300 Ukrainian troops had been killed since the conflict began. However, it was not possible to verify his statements.

Evacuations have been stop and start following failed agreements at a ceasefire among major corridors out of bombarded cities.

The governor of the Kyiv region Oleksiy Kuleba said fighting and threats of Russian air attacks were continuing on Saturday morning but later said some evacuations were proceeding.

He said: “We will try to get people out every day, as long as it’s possible to observe a ceasefire.”

Ukrainians have been fleeing the country to escape the war, with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi said on Friday the number of people who had fled had reached 2.5 million.

Ukraine has a population of 44.14 million as of 2020, meaning 5.6 percent of citizens have left the country.



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