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The next Galaxy Watch from Samsung could have a powerful upgrade

Samsung is purportedly working on new Galaxy Watch models that will launch later this year …and these new wearables could have one powerful advantage over the latest Apple Watch. Regulatory filings seem to have revealed the battery cell that will be used to fuel the new Galaxy Watch models and it looks like Samsung is set to increase the battery life inside of smartwatch.

With a 276mAh capacity, this would be a step-up from the 247mAh cell found inside the Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm). It could be a sign that Samsung is looking to focus on battery life with its next upgrade to the popular Galaxy Watch lineup. Samsung says its current model – the Galaxy Watch 4 – can last up to 40-hours between charges, so the company could be aiming for a two-day (48-hours) battery life with the next iteration.

Samsung has achieved some truly impressive feats with battery life with some of its recent launches. With the arrival of the Galaxy Buds+, the company almost doubled the battery life compared to the previous generation – upgrading from 13-hours before you need to worry about plugging in the case, up to 22-hours.

Aside from the battery life boost, little is known about the Galaxy Watch 5. The new smartwatch model is expected around August or September, likely during the same Galaxy Unpacked event that will see the next round of foldable smartphones revealed by Samsung. The company used to reveal its latest generation Galaxy Note series around this time of year, but as Samsung has now confirmed, it has killed off the Galaxy Note lineup once and for all.

Whispers suggest that Samsung is looking to add a temperature sensor into future wearables, which will be able to keep tabs on the temperature of your skin. This could allow wearers to take a temperature reading, but could also be used by the clever smartwatch to look our for signs of fever. Temperature data could also factor into workouts. For example, a sweltering hot day could go some way to explain why your latest run was a little slower than on average.

Like the Apple Watch, Samsung has keenly focused on health and fitness features with its popular wearables. will have the latest news about the Galaxy Watch 5 as soon as it’s revealed, so stay tuned. In the meantime, the South Korean firm is due to hold an event on Thursday March 17 where it will announce the next generation of budget Galaxy A handsets.



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