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The simple food hack that can get you to sleep in 5 minutes or less at night

One of these includes daydreaming with purpose. While this may sound tricky, fluffy, or strange, there is reasoning behind this.

Rosie wrote: “For many people who struggle with falling asleep, rumination or unwanted thoughts can play a big role. Instead of drifting off peacefully, your mind slogs through the day’s events, embarrassing moments from years past, or tomorrow’s to-do list.

“One way to break the rumination cycle or disperse unwanted thoughts before bed is to practice visualisation or imagery, similar to daydreaming. It may sound hippy-dippy, but if you focus on it effectively, daydreaming about relaxing scenes can really help ease your mind. During visualisation, know that it’s OK if your mind wanders.

“Simply return your focus to the scene, gently and without judgment. Try out different methods and audio tracks to see what works best for you. Visualisation can also be a helpful mid-day stress reliever to keep in mind.”



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