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'The whole of the sea will lift up!' Met Office issues bizarre warning over Storm Eunice

Mr Deakin emphasised that coastal areas of the south west face the full wrath of Eunice on Friday afternoon.

He said: “A rare red weather warning for the south west.

“Gusts of 70/80 mph, perhaps more on some of those exposed coasts.

“Significant waves and a storm surge. The whole sea will get lifted up.

“Please do not go out if you are in that red warning area unless you absolutely have to.”

Mr Deakin continued by pointing out how unusual a red warning was.

He said: “Here at the Met Office we only issue a red weather warnings when we think there is a threat to life.

“We put one out on Thursday evening because Storm Eunice is really picking a punch.” 

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“The greatest cause of concern from Storm Eunice is the wind, particularly on Friday morning.”



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