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They started this mess' Furious Brexiteer blames EU for Russian invasion

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine after recognising them as independent states. In a televised address, Putin signed a decree recognising there. Independence. The move has triggered sanctions from the West with the EU confirming it would impose further measures if Russia invaded Ukraine.

But co-founder of the Leave.EU Campaign, Arron Banks claimed the EU “started this mess”.

The businessman said the EU “stoked the fire burning in Eastern Ukraine on the Russia borders by pushing for membership and NATO expansion”.

Taking to Twitter he said: “Ukraine border is 300 miles from Moscow, I’m guessing if Russian troops were based in Virginia the US wouldn’t stand for it. The EU encouraged Ukrainian membership and expansion NATO to the Russian border. The EU started this mess and let’s hope common sense prevails.”

He used a map to back up his claim, entitled “languages spoken at home in Ukraine” according to 2009 polling.”

The map showed that the majority of Ukrainian speak Ukrainian but the eastern part mainly speaks Russian.

Political commentator Adam Schwarz responded to the tweet saying: “I was going to disagree with you, but now see that you’ve based your research on a Wikipedia article so you must be an expert on the subject”.

The EU has now signed off on the bloc’s package of sanctions against Russia that will take effect from Wednesday.

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German Chancellor Olaf Schloz said Germany and the European Union are in a position to decide on further sanctions against Russia in the event of a complete Russian invasion

Responding to Russia’s recognition of the two breakaway regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, Shloz said: “We cannot accept this”.

He added: “If everyone in Europe starts leafing through history books where borders used to be, then we have a very unsettling time ahead of us.

Around 190,000 Russian troops are believed to be along the Ukrainian border.

President Biden went on to announce the first wave of sanctions against Russia targetting banks and sovereign debt, vowing steeper punishments ahead if Russia continues aggression.

Around 190,000 Russian troops are thought to be along the Ukrainian border.

On Tuesday US President Joe Biden said the invasion of Ukraine had begun adding: that the US will continue to provide “defensive assistance” to Ukraine including the “additional movements of US forces and equipment already stationed in Europe to strengthen our Baltic allies – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

He added: “Let me be clear, these are totally defensive moves on our part. We have no intention of fighting Russia.”



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