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'This country is broken': Hundreds queue for rental property amid housing supply shortage

A Twitter user shared a video last night, August 16, of a queue of around 150 people waiting to view a three-bed rental property in Drumcondra, northern Dublin. Conor Finn, a presenter and content creator looking for accommodation in Dublin, left the queue after an hour of “no real movement”.

Conor’s tweet last night gained a lot of traction as others like him shared their experiences of finding somewhere to live in both Ireland and the UK.

This comes as the countries continue to grapple with their respective housing crises.

Conor shared an image of the long queue in front of the terrace house, with the caption: “This is what a house viewing now consists of in Dublin.

“Over 100 people waiting in line for a rental property.”

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User @rahxoxo wrote: “It’s a disaster! Last year I had to ‘join’ so many queues like this as I needed another place to live. After exhausting five months me and my partner were able to finally be ‘selected’. Just disgusting to pay so many taxes and face this situation.”

Demand for rental accommodation in Dublin has skyrocketed in recent months – so much so that Ireland’s largest private landlord could have recently filled a new apartment block 30 times over, according to its chief executive.

Margaret Sweeney, Irish Residential Properties REIT’s chief executive, told Reuters last week: “We’re definitely seeing much greater demand, there is a real shortage of good available accommodation. We’ve seen it increasing month-on-month.

“It’s coming through in the fundamentals, unemployment is even lower than it was pre-Covid, there’s been quite strong FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).

“We’ve a very young population as well as less emigration than previous decades.”

Ireland is struggling with its housing supply issue, with just 716 rental properties available to a population of 5.1 million people as of August 1, according to a report published by property website

The data showed that there were less than 300 homes to rent in Dublin and 424 elsewhere in the country on August 1.

Ronan Lyons, who wrote the report, said: “A resurgent economy over the last year has accentuated the chronic shortage of rental housing in Ireland.

“The shortage of rental accommodation translates directly into higher market rents and this can only be addressed by significantly increased supply.”



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