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'This is Ukraine's finest hour' Boris Johnson sets out £300 military aid

The Prime Minister will tell MPs this is their nation’s “finest hour” as he draws a comparison with wartime Britain. He will hail the Ukrainian resistance against tyranny in the live address to the Verkhovna Rada.

As our embassy reopens in Kyiv, Mr Johnson was due to say Britain is “proud to be among Ukraine’s friends”.

He will add: “When my country faced the threat of invasion during the Second World War, our parliament – like yours – continued to meet throughout the conflict, and the British people showed such unity and resolve that we remember our time of greatest peril as our finest hour.

“This is Ukraine’s finest hour, an epic chapter in your national story that will be remembered and recounted for generations to come.”

Mr Johnson will set out £300million in aid to bolster Ukrainian defences.

The package includes electronic warfare equipment, a system that locates enemy artillery, GPS-jamming tech and night-vision devices.

The UK will also send heavy lift drones to support isolated forces. More than a dozen new specialised Toyota Landcruisers will protect officials in eastern Ukraine and evacuate civilians.

Andriy Yermak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, said he did not believe that Russia would use nuclear weapons. He added: “We will win, I’m sure about it.”



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