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‘Tin-pot tyrant of London’ Sadiq Khan slammed on GB News over mask mandate

Speaking at GB News on Wednesday night, Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked, opened up to Dan Wootton about Sadiq Khan’s latest announcement to continue wearing the masks in London even though Plan B restrictions have been lifted from the UK. Calling Mr Khan “the tin-pot tyrant of London”, he said that power-hungry politicians want to have a “sense of authority” by imposing the restrictions.

He said: “Some of the modellers and the scientists want to keep restrictions as long as possible because it gives them a sense of authority, a sense of celebrity, a sense of power over little people.

“So, Sadiq Khan, the tin-pot tyrant of London, is going to keep the mask mandate on public transport because he loves the power he has over the little people of London.”

On Wednesday, Mr Khan, the mayor of London, declared that masks will continue to be compulsory on all Transport for London (TFL) services, including the tube, despite the Government bringing an end to their legal mandate across the UK from next Thursday.

He said: “Government should rethink their plans and keep legislation in place”, confirming that he won’t cancel them himself.

The PM said England was reverting to “Plan A“ due to boosters and how people had followed Plan B measures.

He told MPs scientists believed the Omicron wave had peaked nationally.

England’s Plan B measures are to end from next Thursday, with mandatory face coverings in public places and Covid passports both dropped, Boris Johnson has announced on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister also said the Government would immediately drop its advice for people to work from home.

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“And I think one of the worst things we did is that we really clamped down on the debate about alternative policies.

“Anyone who raised alternative policies was shot down, demonized, witch-hunted.”



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