Top fitness influencer arrested after being caught with package of illegal steroids, police say

A Canadian fitness influencer and bodybuilder has been accused of receiving illegal steroids in the mail, according to police in Florida.

Melissa Kate Bumstead, 30, was arrested in Palm City by police officers from The Martin County Sheriff’s Office and was indicted on six felony charges of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

According to the arrest affidavit, Customs and Border Protection agents in Memphis confiscated a package being sent from Canada to Palm City on 1 September. According to the package documents, the box contained vitamins, massage oil and a T-shirt.

However, when authorities searched the box, they found several vials and packages of steroids and medication, the document stated.

Local law enforcement began collaborating with Homeland Security Investigations, according to the affidavit. Following this, they sought out a tracking warrant and added a device to the package to alert them when it had reached Ms Bumstead’s house, the document stated.

According to local police, Ms Bumstead received and opened the package after it was “covertly delivered” by an agent on 10 September.

Law enforcement said they seized the substances, which ranged from Testosterone Propionate, Drostanolone, Trenbolone Acetate and so on.

In addition to the tracking device, a powder was added to the box and authorities said that Ms Bumstead had powder on her hands, which suggested she had opened the package. After this, Ms Bumstead was arrested and taken into police custody.

According to Insider, she was let out of police custody on 11 September on $30,000 bail. It is not yet known when Ms Bumstead will appear in court.

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