Top Texas power officials to quit after millions endure freezing temperatures when grid failed

Top power officials in Texas are said to be quitting – a week after millions endured freezing temperatures when the energy grid failed.

Millions of Texas struggled as temperatures plunged well below zero, and various power providers were brought to a halt. Millions more were left without water.

On Tuesday it was reported that four leaders from the state’s beleaguered grid operator were to stand down from their positions, as anger over what happened failed to abate.

Among the members of the board of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), who were standing down was Sally Talberg. 

She along with three other members who were quitted lived outside of the state, something that has appeared to have added to people’s sense of anguish. 

The resignations will take place from Wednesday, a day before Texas legislators are set to begin hearings over the outages in the state Capitol in Austin. Austin was one of many cities to suffer from the breakdown in services.

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