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'Tories threaten your future!' Sir Keir Starmer defends BBC against Government 'attacks'

Sir Keir Starmer, 59, spoke out against the Government during an appearance at the Creative Coalition Festival. The Labour leader also urged the industry to be “bold” and fight for the UK’s public broadcasting services, which the Holborn & St Pancras MP described as a “national treasure”.

Starmer said: “Local news, the World Service, the BBC and Channel 4 are the narrators of our national story.

“They create jobs and drive productivity.

“The Conservatives threaten the future of these two great institutions.

“The plan to privatise Channel 4 and the threat to the BBC as we know it are a direct attack on some of the best of Britain’s creative work.”

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He also suggested the privatisation of Channel 4 could put 60 British production companies out of business and claimed this would show the “Government isn’t interested in growth”.

Starmer added: “I want to challenge all of you here today and the wider sector to be bold to come together and assert your collective clout by speaking out in defence of the value of public sector broadcasting against the Government’s attacks.”

The Labour leader’s comments come after Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries, 64, announced a freeze to the BBC licence fee.

The freeze will come in for the next two years and could cost the BBC £285million in funding.

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“Which is why this Government is determined to protect those industries and build on their success.”

However, the Culture Secretary did not make reference to the BBC or Channel 4 in her opening speech.



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