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Tory MPs responsible for Angela Rayner controversy should NOT be punished – POLL

Several unnamed Conservative MPs told the Mail on Sunday that deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner had attempted to put the Prime Minister “off his stride” by crossing and uncrossing her legs in the House of Commons. Mr Johnson supported Ms Rayner, tweeting on Sunday that he deplored the “misogyny directed at her anonymously” and as much as he disagreed with her on “almost every political issue”, he still respected her “as a parliamentarian”.

He also contacted Ms Rayner privately by text message to reiterate his message.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer tweeted: “The sexism and misogyny peddled by the Tories is a disgraceful new low from a party mired in scandal and chaos.”

Meanwhile, Ms Rayner dismissed the claim as a “perverted smear” that showed women in politics faced everyday sexism.

In a poll that ran from 2pm on Monday, April 25, to 11am on Wednesday, April 27, asked: “Should the Tory MPs responsible for Angela Rayner comments be punished?”

A total of 2,590 people cast their votes with the vast majority of respondents – 69 percent (1,781 people) – said “no”, the Tory MP responsible should not be punished.

Meanwhile, 30 percent (781 people) said “yes” and just one percent (28 people) said they did not know.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article in a lively debate.

Many thought that the Tory MPs should not be punished as there were more important matters to deal with.

Username Movingwave said: “More important things to take care of in the UK and the world. Just move on.”

Username Gregor42 added: “There are more important issues to sort out.”

Another, Username Pino72u wrote: “Partygate, now this rubbish. It’s time these MPs started addressing real issues.”

Username tafia said: “Just more political point scoring against Boris from the party of no policies.”

And username Freddy.boy said: “What a pathetic state of affairs. Someone states an opinion, and attempts to cancel are made immediately. THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE!”

On Monday, technology minister Chris Philp told Sky News that Tory whips were “looking at whether they know” who made the comments.

He said: “I was appalled that that sentiment was being expressed. It’s offensive, it’s misogynistic.

“The Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers have been absolutely right to roundly condemn that sentiment and to offer support to Angela Rayner on this issue.

“I’ve never heard anyone say anything like that or even hinted [at] it, and if I did I would be disgusted and appalled.

“Nobody should have to suffer the kind of misogynistic abuse which that sentiment amounts to.

“If it ever comes out who said that then I imagine they would be subject to discipline.”



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