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'Totally alert' Stoic Queen cut very different figure from 'sorrowful' funeral

The monarch, 95, was joined by members of the Royal Family, dignitaries and a 1,800-strong congregation for a poignant service at Westminister Abbey to honour her late husband, Prince Philip, on Tuesday. Her Majesty was brought in via a side entrance beside Poets’ Corner, accompanied by her second son Prince Andrew.

The Queen clutched onto her son’s arm before walking the few steps alone to her place in the front row.

Her appearance at the service was particularly noteworthy given recent problems with her mobility and after she pulled out of the Commonwealth Service earlier this month.

Special measures were put in place at Tuesday’s event for her comfort, including keeping the length of the service to 45 minutes.

The monarch also joined the rest of the congregation by standing to sing hymns, despite prior reports speculating she may not do so.

Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to about the Queen’s appearance at Prince Philip’s memorial service.

Ms James claims the appearance of the “confident” monarch contrasts with her appearance at Philip’s funeral last year when she appeared “sorrowful”.

The monarch was famously pictured sitting alone as Covid restrictions in place at the time meant the guest list was capped at just 30 – and households were unable to mix.

Unlike last April, the Queen had close family members in all the seats around her at Tuesday’s event.

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Ms James added: “There was no fussing from Charles who sat next to her, and his lack of any worried glances or attention seemed to suggest she is still very much in control and commanding respect.”

Ms James also claims to be seen arriving on Andrew’s arm was a move conducted with “deliberate significance”.

She said: “She was clearly fully aware that Andrew would be playing the important and very visible role he did, and that he would even be seen after the service adopting the same hands clasped behind the back pose that his father once took as he stood behind his mother, smiling and laughing with her as she spoke to her hosts and some of the speakers.

“Nothing the Queen has ever done in public has been without deliberate significance, so the moment when Andrew stood to attention with a small bow after escorting her to her place and she replied with a smile and a small nod of thanks should probably be seen as a deliberate intentional gesture to the world.”

During her attendance, the monarch used her walking stick, something which has accompanied her on in-person engagements as of late.

Despite walking with the help of a stick, she stood without support for hymns and while the national anthem was sung by the congregation.

The monarch was once again accompanied by her son Andrew when she went to speak with the Dean of Windsor and some of the other members of the clergy before departing for Windsor Castle.

During the ceremony, the Queen, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Princess Royal all dressed in dark green in a subtle tribute to Philip, whose livery colour was Edinburgh Green.

A number of others throughout the congregation also wore the shade.



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