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Traffic trouble as first ever ‘amber’ warning to cause severe 'meltdown' congestion

Cars will build up between 11am and 3pm on both days as holidaymakers and sports fans hit Britain’s motorways. The motoring group warned of gridlock on some major roads as Saturday’s industrial action was expected to force more people into their cars on the second busiest weekend of the summer getaway.

This weekend marks the start of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and the Engish Football League season, with school holidays also now underway.

Train strikes at eight rail companies on Friday will also pile pressure onto car journeys as the ongoing pay dispute continues.

The AA warned that the worst disruption was likely to be on roads heading to cross-Channel services in Kent, with routes to the West Country also at high risk of congestion.

On Thursday evening, Saturday’s rail strike looked all but certain to go ahead.

Jack Cousens, the AA’s roads policy chief, said: “We really hope it doesn’t happen, but our road network runs on a knife-edge and it doesn’t take much for it to go into meltdown.”

He explained: “With holiday let switchover day starting on Friday mixed with train strikes and a huge weekend of sport, we are concerned that drivers will experience delays across the network with the South of England particularly vulnerable.

“All eyes will be on Dover and Folkestone, but we believe changes have been made throughout the week and we will keep our fingers crossed for a smoother trip across The Channel.

“Breakdowns can make jams worse and last weekend we saw a rise in breakdowns where vehicle checks had not been carried out before setting off.

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