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Travel chaos as Stena Line suspends sailings to fill P&O Ferries gaps – routes affected

The P&O Ferries crisis has led Stena Line to suspend all ferries between Fishguard and Rosslare. All sailings on the Wales- Ireland line have been cancelled until April 12.

Stena Line has moved the ship that would normally serve the route to Northern Ireland after panic over whether essential goods could be delivered following the P&O crisis.

P&O has not sailed between Larne in Northern Ireland and Cairnryan in Scotland since it sacked 800 of its workers last month.

Stena Line said the P&O issues had come at an awkward time as other ferries are out of service for an annual refit.

Customers for the Stena Line Fishguard-Rosslare route are advised to travel to the south Wales port of Pembroke instead.

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Irish Ferries will accept Stena Line tickets on their vessels that travel from Pembroke in South Wales.

Stena Line described the chaos as “musical ferries” due to the number of ferries that needed to move to meet demand.

Simon Palmer, Stena Line, said: “Unfortunately we have had to temporarily move the Stena Europe from Fishguard to Holyhead as a result of the P&O crisis, as we had to add an extra vessel for that route to Belfast to ensure continued delivery of essential supplies to the region.”

Both tourists and HGV drivers have faced chaos as a consequence of the cancellations.


Over 1,000 flights have been cancelled in recent days with both easyJet and British Airways affected.

The cancellations are due to staff shortages caused by high levels of crew sickness on both airlines.

Customers at Manchester Airport have faced huge queues at security also due to staff shortages.

Although Covid has exacerbated the issue, the travel industry is already dealing with a lack of staff.

Many travel workers left the industry during the pandemic and some may have since found other jobs.

Due to the high level of security clearance required, it can take a while to train new travel staff.

Rory Boland, Editor of Which? Travel, said: “These cancellations will cause huge frustration for individuals and families who were eagerly awaiting an Easter getaway.

“This period was always likely to be a popular holiday time and there is a responsibility on airlines to ensure they have the capacity to run all of the flights they schedule.

“Most passengers will just want to get where they need to be, despite this disruption, so airlines must meet their legal obligations and inform passengers of their right to be rerouted with other carriers or claim a refund.

“Affected passengers will be entitled to at least £220 compensation in these circumstances to cover out of pocket costs, and airlines should provide refreshments and accommodation as required while their customers await their new flight.”



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