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Truss and Sunak blown out of the water by Tory backbenchers in vote to replace Boris

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson facing some of the toughest times in his tenure at Number 10 following a series of scandals that have rocked the very core of the UK Government, the public has not held back on their feelings. Mumsnet, a popular online forum with 8 million users saw a poll that resulted in a worrying 84 percent asking for Mr Johnson’s resignation following the part-publication of the Sue Gray report into the so-called Party-Gate scandal.

Considering who would be a suitable candidate to replace the PM, the mums of the net swung highly in favour of former Health Minister and challenger to Mr Johnson Jeremy Hunt.

In fact, such was the popularity of Mr Hunt, the results showed that he has acquired more support as a future Tory Party leader and Prime Minister than both the Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary combined.

Taking the conversation further, a thread was created on the popular website asking the question: “Who do you trust most, Boris or Theresa”, referring to former PM Theresa May.

Once again, the results were unanimously in favour of Mrs May.

One mum, with the username Unfinished Kitchen, said: “I can’t stand TM but if Boris told me the time I’d check my watch.

“He’s told too many lies and can’t be trusted at all.

“Even his wife’s had enough and she’s the one who’s supposed to trust him the most.”

Pillow of Society said: “Whatever you think of her (I can’t stand her politics) she was given a poisoned chalice.

“Boris is a poison chalice.”

Adding to the debate, All That Malarkey said: “I try not to be obsessively annoyed by Boris Johnson, but it’s impossible. I see him and think of the line ‘that a villain may smile and smile’. And no, I wouldn’t buy a used anything from him.”

‘This is socialist’ Boris faces wrath from Tory group over latest plan

However, the last 5 days, according to a poll in the New Statesman, shows that the Labour gap is being closed by the Tories, suggesting that some people still have faith in the party, although not necessarily towards Mr Johnson as its leader.

Not all sources suggest the doors to Number 10 are shut for Mr Sunak and Ms Truss.

Most betting sites still have the pair leading the odds when it comes to Britain’s next Prime Minister.

Currently, Mr Sunak stands at favourite with 7/4, whilst Ms Truss is second on 13/2.

Sir Keir Starmer is next with 5/1 whilst Mumsnet favourite, Mr Hunt is at 8/1.



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