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Truss warns Putin: We WILL to go to war if you invade Estonia, Lithuania or Latvia

The warning came in an interview with the Sunday Express after the Foreign Secretary had held back to back meetings with NATO and the European Council in Brussels. Asked about red lines where the UK and its allies would be drawn into conflict following the invasion of Ukraine, Ms Truss said: “We have an iron clad Article 5 commitment to the Baltic states.

“They are part of NATO. It is one for all and all for one. That is iron clad. This is why we are supplying extra.”

Putin recently tried to claim that he had put Russia on a footing to prepare to use nuclear weapons because of comments by Ms Truss.

The UK has recently doubled its armed forces in Estonia, one of the three Baltic states along with Lithuania and Latvia, to around 4,000.

It has also sent extra fighter aircraft to bases in Romania and a Royal Navy ship to near Sebastopol.

She said: “It is terrible what is going on that Putin has invaded a sovereign nation.

“A nation he said he would protect their sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“But it is also very, very worrying for European security.

“I was in Vilnius this week, hearing from the Lithuanians.

“They are very close, they are on the border with Belarus, they are close to Kaliningrad.

“The threat that Putin has made is of course to Ukraine, but he has always been clear about his wider ambitions which is to create a greater Russia, to turn the clock back to the mid-1990s.

“This is why we are supplying extra support to the Eastern flank, we have doubled our troops into Estonia, we are supplying more air cover, more maritime security because this is a real threat to European security.”

She added: “It is not just about European security. What will the message be to the rest of the world? If Putin doesn’t lose, that will embolden other aggressors around the world.

“This is why countries like Singapore, South Korea are joining us in putting sanctions on Russia because they understand the implication if Putin is successful.”



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